Since 1993, KIDOVA specializes in different fields in the oil & gas, environment (soil, groundwater, air), geothermal and nuclear or hazardous waste disposal sectors. These fields include:

  • Geostatistics, spatial and spatiotemporal data analysis and modeling.
  • Characterization and upscaling of porous and naturally fractured rock properties.
  • Simulation of single and multiphase flows in porous and fractured media.
  • Mesh or grid generation and optimization.
  • Structural and geological modeling.

KIDOVA’s services cover:

  • Research and development, to elaborate innovative and efficient approaches often leading to scientific software solutions.
  • Consulting, to take in charge or to assist clients to carry out expert studies.
  • Training.

KIDOVA serves a broad clientele that includes industrial, governmental and research organizations.

Since it has been created, KIDOVA maintains close links with academic institutions. It is also used to develop and manage partnerships with other high technology companies to complement or reinforce expertise and experience in research or study projects.


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