Brief history

KIDOVA, formerly FSS International r&d, is a French company which has been created in 1993 as associated with the FSS International Group of Companies. Initiated in the late 1980’s to promote geostatistics and its application to natural resource evaluation and risk assessment, this group of companies, which was maintaining close links with Stanford University’s School of Earth Sciences, was initially present in North-America, Europe and Australia. FSS International r&d changed its name to KIDOVA in January 2009, after FSS International Europe, which survived the rest of the group, was dissolved.

Key assets of KIDOVA

The particularity of KIDOVA relies on five key assets of the company.

  1. High expertise in geostatistics and spatial data analysis and modeling for application to oil & gas, environment (soil, groundwater and air), geothermal, geological disposal/storage and mining fields.
  2. High expertise in the analysis, modeling and simulation of single and multiphase flows in porous and fractured media.
  3. General and practical knowledge in various earth sciences fields as required for successful collaborations on technical matters: petroleum and mining engineering, geology, hydrogeology, environmental engineering, rock mechanics and geophysics.
  4. High expertise and experiment in design and development of efficient and user-friendly scientific software and libraries.
  5. Willing and ability to develop collaborations and partnerships with academic institutions but also with other high technology companies in joint research or study projects to complement or reinforce expertise and experience.