KIDOVA is already active in different sectors for more than 15 years.

Oil and gas11. Oil & gas, geothermal

  • Structural and geological facies modeling from log and seismic data.
  • Geostatistical modeling of spatially distributed rock properties.
  • Static and dynamic modeling of naturally fractured reservoirs from various geological, structural, seismic and geomechanical data.
  • Conditioning of porous and naturally fractured reservoirs to dynamic data.
  • Adaptive gridding and grid optimization, upscaling.
2. Environment

Environment12. Environment

  • Soil contamination: geostatistical modeling of contaminant grades, uncertainty quantification, risk analysis and decision making for contaminated soil management.
  • Groundwater contamination: geostatistical modeling, flow and transport simulation, multiphase and compositional simulation of light or heavy non-aqueous phase liquid contaminant.
  • Air quality: multivariate and geostatistical analysis and modeling of spatiotemporal distributions of contaminant concentrations.
3. Geological disposal of nuclear or hazardous wastes

Geological disposal13. Geological disposal of nuclear or hazardous wastes

  • Characterization and geostatistical modeling of flow and mechanical properties.
  • Simulation of two phase (gas and water) flows in porous and fractured media.
  • Stochastic modeling of flow and transport phenomena and risk analysis for decision making.


  • Research and development: elaborating innovative and efficient approaches often leading to scientific software solutions.
  • Consulting: taking in charge or assisting clients to carry out expert studies.
  • Training: transferring technology to our clients.