Geological disposal of nuclear or hazardous wastes

Simul gas test frac 4Sim gas tracer test frac 3Sim gas tracer test frac 4Sim gas tracer test frac 5Two-phase flow simulations of gas injection and gas tracer tests in a heterogeneous granite rock fracture (use of ATHOS).

  • Use of lab, log and seismic data for recognizing mechanical units in a geological formation foreseen as a potential storage of nuclear wastes, and for characterizing the spatial variability and trends of geomechanical and physical properties. Project carried out in collaboration with Geosubsight.
  • Illustrated bibliographical study and comparison of geostatistical approaches for aquifer characterization: integration of secondary information, estimation versus stochastic simulation, effects to mass transport, inverse problem, upscaling.
  • Fine scale simulation of single and two-phase (gas-water) tracer tests in heterogeneous granite fractures and history matching using a petroleum reservoir simulator (Athos). Project carried out in collaboration with Beicip-Franlab.
  • Two-phase (gas-water) flow simulations for potential nuclear waste repositories.
  • Assistance to conduct two-phase flow simulations of gas release in concrete storage canisters.
  • Advice in modeling two-phase flow laboratory experiments on cores for benchmark purposes.


Stochastic flow transp 3 Stochastic flow transp 4

Stochastic flow and transport modeling