November 2018: KIDOVA referenced as partner of Paradigm / Emerson in the environmental and geothermal fields. See

June-Aug. 2018: we had the pleasure to work with Matteo Scapolo, MSc student in petroleum engineering at Imperial College, for an internship on the project "Testing and improvement of numerical methods to evaluate well-test interpreted permeabilities on reservoir models", supervised by Prof. O. Gosselin, Dr. M. Garcia, J.B. Mathieu and D. Siffert. Project reference: GEOTREF.

14-18 May 2018: new five-day course in geostatistics applied to contaminated soils and sites delivered by KIDOVA in the Mastère Spécialisé "Decommissioning industriel" of INSA Rouen using the SoilRemediation Suite for practical work.

Oct. 2017: Burgeap and KIDOVA have signed an agreement to port the standalone OREOS software, for the ORganic contamination Evaluation and NAPL Occurrence assessment in Soils, as a plugin SROreos attached to the SoilRemediation Suite.


Past news

Sept. 2017: KIDOVA started to be involved in the Mastère Spécialisé "Decommissioning industriel" of INSA Rouen and delivered a five-day course in geostatistics applied to contaminated soils and sites. The SoilRemediation Suite was used for practical work.

June-Aug. 2017: we had the pleasure to host and work with Minjie Lu, MSc student in petroleum engineering at Imperial College, for an internship on the project "Testing and improvement of well layout optimization methods for geothermal reservoir production", supervised by Prof. O. Gosselin, D. Siffert, J.B. Mathieu, and Dr. M. Garcia. Project reference: GEOTREF.

Dec. 2016: TOTAL and KIDOVA have signed a contract to develop a commercial version of GoFraK, plugin and workflows in SKUA-GOCAD for characterizing and modeling naturally fractured reservoirs.

Dec. 2016: KIDOVA delivered to PARADIGM the first release of KivSimEiBase that will be included into P17. KivSimEiBase links SKUA-GOCAD to the TOUGH2 Suite of simulators. Enhanced import/export functionalities are developed in the framework of the GEOTREF r&d project. See presentation.

Sept. 2016: Attached to the GEOTREF r&d project, Jean-Baptiste Mathieu has started a PhD on the "Formulation and solving of inverse problems suitable for fractured geothermal reservoir modeling" under the joint supervision of Prof. Philippe Ackerer (LHyGeS, University of Strasbourg, France) & Prof. Jaime Gomez Hernandez (University of Valencia, Spain).

Sept. 2016: The environmental r&d project MATRICE (Méthodes Analytiques de Terrain alteRnatives de gestIon des sols ContaminEs), supported by BPI France, started Sept. 2016. KIDOVA will develop software tools attached to the SoilRemediation Suite: SRMobile & SRSampling. See summary in French.

Oct. 2015: Sophie Audonneau has joined KIDOVA as geoscience software developer and geological modeling engineer to work primarily on fractured reservoir characterization and modeling in geothermal and petroleum projects.

Oct. 2015: Opening of the GEOTREF web site on

June 2015: Jacques Espitalier has joined KIDOVA as geological modeling and software engineer to work on environmental, geothermal and petroleum projects

Paris, 16 January 2015: GEOTREF project ready to start after the signature of all consortium and funding agreements this week (more info soon on

Paris, 9 April 2014: First scientific coordination meeting with all GEOTREF partners. Last step before formally starting the 4-year research project (see

Dec. 2013:The French newspaper "Le Figaro" mentions KIDOVA and its partners TERANOV and MAGNITUDE in an article about green energies in the Guadeloupe.

Dec. 2013: TERANOV and KIDOVA joined to create KITERGEO (KIDOVA - TERANOV GEOSCIENCES), a company that will provide study and engineering services in the high and medium temperature geothermal field cont.

Sept. 2013: TOTAL and KIDOVA have signed a contract that allows KIDOVA to freely use GoFraK for studies of naturally fractured reservoirs in the geothermal field.

March to September 2013: TOTAL and KIDOVA are codirecting two internships with topics related to naturally fractured reservoirs cont.

Reykjavik, Iceland 4-5 March, 2013: J. Chouraki (TERANOV) and M.H. Garcia (KIDOVA) were invited to give talks at the IRENA - OLADE Workshop of experts about Geothermal Energy Initiative in the Andes cont.

Feb. 2013: Presentation of SoilRemediation and interview of Michel Garcia in C. Guyard. Dépollution des sols et nappes : un marché sous pression, L'eau, l'industrie, les nuisances, N°359 (ISSN 0755-5016), pp 23-40.

January 2013Louise Vigier has joined KIDOVA as reservoir and geosciences engineer to work on the geothermal energy field.

4-5 September 2012: Geothermal Resource Group and TERANOV-KIDOVA announced an exclusive partnership at the Chilean International Renewable Energy Congress, Santiago. See flyer.

July 2012: New KIDOVA logo and new web site designed by Graphik94.

January 2012: GeoSiPol’s methodological handbook “Géostatistique appliquée aux sites et sols pollués” can now be freely downloaded.

December 2011Deborah Siffert has joined KIDOVA as reservoir and geological modeling  engineer to work on the geothermal energy field.

December 2011: TERANOV and KIDOVA have signed an exclusive partnership agreement to work together in the development of geothermal energy by providing a complete set of expert services (see announcement).

July 2011: Garcia M.H., Rabaute A., Yven B. and Guillemot D. Multivariate and spatial statistical analysis of Callovo-Oxfordian physical properties ..., published in Physics and Chemistry of the Earth (ref. JPCE2062).

June 2011: Presentation of the GeoSiPol demonstration studies - Application of geostatistics to contaminated soils and sites.

December 2010: Beta version release of SoilRemediation Data Analysis plugin and workflow in Gocad.

September 2010: Beta version release of GStatObjs/GStatAlgos C++ libraries (application: SoilRemediation, GoFraK, OpenFlow in collaboration with IFP Energies Nouvelles).

30 November 2009: release of the first industrial version of GoFraK. As contractually agreed with Total, KIDOVA is allowed to use the industrial version of GoFraK to offer consulting services on naturally fractured reservoir characterization and modeling.

1 January 2009: FSS International r&d has changed its name to KIDOVA.