KivMOGs (KIDOVA's Modus Operandi in Geostatistics) is a plugin in GOCAD/SKUA dedicated to exporatory data analysis and to statistical and geostatistical analysis and modeling. Self-financed software partially supported by TOTAL (linked to GoFraK).

Components of KivMOGs: 

  • Exploratory data analysis
    • Statistical plots
    • Well data logs
    • 2D cross-sections (horizontal or vertical)
    • Inter-well cross-sections
  • Statistical/geostatistical analysis and modeling
    • Statistical analysis wizard
    • Variographic analysis wizard
    • Estimation and simulation wizards
    • Spatial trend analysis wizard
  • Others
    • Graphic and interactive georeferencing of images
    • Grid-based (curvilinear) coordinate systems: calculation, transformation 

KivMOGs is based on two external C++ libraries, GStatObjs and GStatAlgos, also developed by KIDOVA to provide the necessary framework and tools for statistical and geostatistical analysis and modeling. The developments of the GStatObjs/GStatAlgos libraries has been partially supported by TOTAL (used in GoFraK) and IFP Energies Nouvelles (used in OpenFlow).


  • Garcia M., Mathieu J.-B. and Garcia V., 2011.


Overview KivMOGs

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