Anim SR 3d3D views of SoiRemediation in Gocad.

Logo soilremediation 30x30 SoilRemediation: plugin and workflow in Gocad for managing, analyzing and visualizing spatiotemporal environmental data in all soil, water and air media, and for applying geostatistical approaches to contaminated sites and soils. Self-financed software, commercialization in 2012.



  • Mathieu J.B. et al., 2012, Garcia M.H. et al., 2010, Mathieu J.B. et al., 2009 (see Publications).
  • Prince C., Création de bases de données multi-langues sur les propriétés de polluants et de substances radioactives pour l’étude des sites pollués, Internship work at KIDOVA, ESIP, July 2009.

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Borehole data management and visualization